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Black Lives Matter, Our Committment

blm fist
Photo by @mattiafalo on Unsplash

Our deepest condolences go out to the family of George Floyd, and all those who have lost loved ones to senseless murders including the relatives of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.

As recent events have dramatically highlighted, there remains much farther to go as a country. We hear and share the feelings of disgust, frustration, helplessness and anger echoed throughout the nation these past weeks.

While we recognize how small we are here at Optyx, we feel compelled to share what we’re doing to help play our part. Today we’re announcing two initiatives as our first steps toward a more equitable future in photography tooling.

Free Licenses for Protest Coverage

As photographers, we play an important role in capturing the intensity of this moment to effect lasting change. Any photographer who wishes to use Optyx to cull shoots of protests around the globe for equality may do so free of charge without the normal 100-photo limit. Reach out to [email protected] to receive your license.

Investments in Diverse AI

Optyx is powered by computer vision models that leverage artificial intelligence. While our homegrown models were built in-house using datasets with a diverse array of skin tones, many industry-standard datasets lack diversity and introduce a strong white American bias into their results. To help combat this systemic problem, we’re committing 30% of our R&D budget to acquiring and labelling more diverse open datasets.

We welcome your feedback on how we can continue to better serve you and the Black community. Please reach out to [email protected] with any of your thoughts or concerns.

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