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v2 Release Notes

We’re very excited to announce the release of Optyx v2.0 and major improvements for the next generation of AI photo culling.

Unlimited Photos for Free Tier

The Optyx Free tier is no longer subject to a 100 photo limit. Free users can use Optyx to manually cull their photos with Lightning-fast previews on as many photos as they wish.

Lower Entry-level Pricing

You can now get started with Optyx Pro for less than 10 USD! Optyx Pro v2 uses subscription pricing at 9.99 USD per month, and you can save 30% with an annual subscription. Pro users of Optyx v1 will continue to have unlimited Pro access to v1 for life.

Earn Pro through Referrals

Share Optyx with your friends to earn Pro for free! For each friend that gives Optyx a try, they’ll get their first month of Pro for free, and you’ll get an extra month of Pro for free, no purchase necessary.

Face Analysis Improvements

Face Recognition

Optyx identifies similar faces, so you can quickly find the best photos of your most important subjects. Use the “Face Grouped” feature of the grid to instantly find every photo of a particular person from your shoot. Tweak the aggressiveness using the slider for fewer but more accurate results or greater but less accurate results.

face recognition
The Face Recognition panel and photos grouped by face grid in Optyx.

People Pane

Optyx highlights the sharpness, relative importance, and expression quality of each captured face in every photo in the People pane. Sort by subject importance, filter out non-essential subjects, and quickly get the information you need to evaluate the shot.

people pane
The People pane quickly shows a photo’s top subjects at-a-glance.

Focus Highlighting

You spoke and we listened. Optyx App now has built-in profiles for focus highlighting in a variety of lightning situations! From high-powered strobes in the studio, to the dimly lit candles of a night wedding, Optyx focus highlighting has been reimagined to cover 10x more situations than v1 and with a 99.97% sharpness detection accuracy of our latest model, we feel confident removing the beta label from this incredible feature.

Note that focus highlighting has been designed for with portrait-style shots in mind and may not currently fit every shooting situation. We’re always improving this feature and would love to hear your feedback!

Improved Photo Grid Visibility

Not all features have to be massive to make a difference. We heard you loud and clear, more space in the photo grid! Enjoy more of your screen real estate with adjustable preview sizes and collapsible sidebar to maximize your photos front-and-center.

thumbnail size adjustment
Thumbnail preview sizes can be adjusted for the grid view.

Let us know what you think and happy culling!

PS – Have more ideas on what would take your Optyx experience to the next level? Drop us a line at [email protected].

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