timestamp adjustment right click

New Feature: Timestamp Adjustment

We’re excited to announce a new feature for Optyx, timestamp adjustment! We’ve all been there. You get on location after a long day of travel, shoot like the wind, and then realize you forgot to adjust your camera’s timezone setting so all your photos timestamps are wrong, doh! 🤦

timestamp adjustment right click
Select your photos and use “Set Taken At…”

Adjusting timestamps in Optyx is now super easy! Simply select the photos you’d like to adjust, and select “Set Taken At…” in the right-click or Photos toplevel menu. A dialog will appear to adjust your timestamp settings before confirming.

timestamp adjustment 1
Adjust timestamps relative to their original, or to an sbolute time

Both relative and absolute timestamp adjustments are supported for maximum flexibility. Let us know what you think and happy culling!

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